Envest Capital Partners is an investment company holding long term private equity positions in established basic businesses. We invest in a relatively broad range of basic industries, with a focus on manufacturing, healthcare services, and franchising. Envest seeks to provide private direct equity financing to companies with sales of $10 to $50 million, exceptional growth prospects and strong, stable cash flow. 

Founded in 2000, Envest is a private equity firm based in Virginia Beach, VA. We are dedicated to partnering with privately held and founder-owned businesses. The Envest principals have prior experience in general management of both large and small businesses which we believe has been fundamental to our success. Envest strives to provide flexible capital solutions to meet the needs of entrepreneurs while providing strategic direction and board governance to its portfolio companies. Envest has achieved top decile performance amongst its private equity peer group.


Envest focuses on privately-held businesses in basic industries and non-revolutionary technologies. We have experience investing in financial services, franchising, manufacturing, healthcare services, travel and entertainment, and software/IT. Envest is focused on long-term value creation, without any holding period or defined mandate for our investments. We seek to partner with proven management teams with a clear vision of growth. We have the flexibility to make control and non-control investments in companies with sustainable and demonstrated annual free cash flow of $500,000 to $6,000,000.